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Polar Express Tickets

Have you got your tickets for the most magical event of this year? All aboard for this wondrous Christmas event. From England to the North Pole and back again in just over an hour – it has to be elf magic! Make a hot chocolate, break into your cookie stash and book your tickets today to ensure you don’t miss out on the train ride of your life.

Where is the Polar Express?

We run 4 The Polar Express Train Rides across the UK, so there’s sure to be one near you. Our train rides are in Wensleydale (North Yorkshire), South Devon Railway (near Plymouth, Devon), Cholsey & Wallingford (Oxford) and Spa Valley (Kent). These 4 railways serve as the departure stations but the trains that leave from there soon depart for the snow-covered North Pole. In the film, the train stops at each child’s house, so the Conductor is always worried about being late. With one central departure for each railway, it’s your job to make sure you aren’t late for the adventure of a lifetime! All that remains is to make sure you don’t forget your Polar Express tickets. You’ll need them during the theatrical extravaganza, so that the Conductor can stamp your tickets! Make sure you keep them somewhere very safe.

What is the Polar Express?

Based on a magical storybook by Chris Van Allsberg, and a spectactular motion picture starring Tom Hanks and directed by Robert Zemeckis (of Back to the Future fame), the Polar Express tells the story of a young boy who doubts the existence of Father Christmas. Falling asleep on Christmas Eve, he awakes to the noise of a steam train outside his window. This is surprising considering that the boy’s house is nowhere near a train track! He peers out of the window and meets the Conductor. Although the boy nearly does not go on the train, he eventually decides to take the chance, and the train ride. Throughout the journey to the North Pole, he has some fantastical adventures including jumping across moving carriages (strictly forbidden during our Train Ride!), navigating the train across an ice sheet after it comes off the rails, and moving a whole herd of caribou blocking the train tracks. Throughout this, he is looking after his Polar Express ticket as well as a girl from the train. Eventually, the boy meets Santa and reaffirms his Belief, both in Mr C himself and the magic of Christmas. As the narration confirms, the boy remains a Believer throughout his entire life!

The Polar Express Experience is an interactive, immersive theatrical show on the train itself takes inspiration from both book and film. The all singing, all dancing team of staff on board the Polar Express (as well as a mysterious visitor who no-one seems to be able to see except you, the guests) will entertain you with the songs from the film that you know and love all the way to the North Pole. You’ll munch on delicious chocolate filled cookies (or allergen-free alternatives) and sip tasty hot chocolate while joining in or simply sitting back and listening. When we reach the North Pole, your Polar Express ticket will come in handy – the Conductor will come around and check everyone’s tickets. ALL ABOARD! Of course, at the North Pole another very important guest will join the train. After the whole family has had a chance to meet and have their picture taken with the Big Man himself, you might be filled with the Christmas spirit and join in with the carols that fill the air. As we begin the long journey back to the starting station, you’ll be invited to reflect on being a believer, and ring your magic silver bells you’ll all receive as a gift from Santa.

Can I Go On The Polar Express?

As long as you’ve got a Polar Express Ticket, all are welcome aboard the Polar Express Train Ride! We allow under 2s to ride on adults’ lap for a small charge to cover their magic silver bell, and have

Believers from 0-100 ride with us – both with their families and even adults-only trips! Families of all shapes and sizes are welcome aboard the Polar Express. If you have special access requirements, please email support@pnpevents.co.uk. We welcome and try to make all possible arrangements for guests with disabilities. However, it should be noted that if you are completely wheelchair-bound, unless you can be transferred from the wheelchair to your seat by others in your party it cannot go on the train. The reason for this is that the carriages we use are heritage railway carriages which were built before today’s access requirements. As a result of this, the doors to the train are unfortunately not wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair. However, if you are able to be transferred from the wheelchair onto the train, we will happily ensure that your wheelchair is waiting for you after your trip to the North Pole, and can assure you that you won’t be required to move out of your seat during the show. We can also ensure that you are seated as close to a door as possible to ensure you don’t need to move too far.

It should also be noted that there is a steep step from the platform up to the train – our friendly chefs will try their best to assist you up and down.

Finally, whilst we welcome all human guests aboard the Polar Express, unfortunately your four-legged friends cannot come aboard the Polar Express. The train can be noisy and overwhelming, with no way to prepare animals for the sights and sounds. There is also very little room and the train does not stop throughout the journey. (Exceptions apply for service animals only).

Well – ya comin’?

Tickets are available for the most magical trip of your life now! Make sure you get yours today. If you wish to be seated with friends or other family, please provide us with the relevant booking numbers and the elves will do their best to sit you all together. However, this cannot be guaranteed and we are unable to move people after your seating allocation is sent to you. We are also unable to link bookings with seatings in different carriages – if your linked booking is Premium seating, whilst you are Standard, you would need to upgrade your tickets before we could seat you as close together as possible.

Get your Polar Express tickets today, and get ready for the train ride of your life

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