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What to expect on your Polar Express train ride!

When visiting one of our many Polar Express locations you will have a magical and fun filled experience with different activities to engage in. On each of our magical train rides you will be transported to the North Pole to meet Santa and his helpers! This Christmas event is designed to give both children and adults a magical adventure following the story of the Polar Express which has meant that many of our previous passengers have worn pyjamas or a festive jumper when on the train to experience the Polar Express in a similar way to the film. 

The train ride starts at the stations platform where you will be immediately surrounded by Christmas cheer. Then after a short wait you will see the famous Polar Express arrive where you will be greeted by chefs waving on the train. The conductor will then shout “All Aboard!” and your magical journey on the Polar Express will begin.  

Once on the train you will start your journey to the North Pole with the conductor and other characters. Hot chocolate and a sweet treat will then be delivered to your seat by the chefs whilst also performing the famous hot chocolate song and dance as seen in the film. This is an exciting activity that is run on the train to involve everyone in the story of the Polar Express, and is also a great opportunity for the chefs and conductor to interact with passengers on the train once again providing them with a magical experience.  

Throughout the train ride you will also be visited by other characters from the film who will act out their part of the story to further create a magical experience for both children and adults attending the event. At this part of the train ride the Polar Express book is also read aloud to all passengers on the train. Chefs and waiters will also hold books up for a visual display of the story but passengers are more than welcome to bring their own Polar Express story books to read from.  

Santa waving from the train

During this magical experience the train will stop at its destination of the North Pole following the same journey as the children in the film. Here, passengers will be able to see Santa waving them into the magical Christmas square which is filled with decorations and preparations for Christmas day! As the train stops in the centre of this Christmas wonderland Santa will then board the train where he will one by one visit each table. Here, passengers can have an opportunity to speak to Santa and tell him what’s on their Christmas list before being handed the first gift of Christmas… their very own sleigh bell but to be sure to keep it in a safe place! 

As the Polar Express arrives back at the station the exciting Christmas activities continue as there will be an area filled with fun tasks to complete. Here, there is a section for children’s activities which includes a colouring station and an area to write and send your Christmas letter to Santa! There is also a naughty and nice scanner where you can find out which list, you and your family are on for this Christmas. Finally, alongside other stalls and Christmas activity stations there is also the North Pole Trading shop run by our trusty elves! Here, you can buy our licensed merchandise for the Polar Express with a large selection of Christmas products for everyone ranging from Christmas decorations and presents to products specific to the Polar Express.  

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