Are you running Autism Friendly Trains this year? - THE POLAR EXPRESS Train Ride Chosley and Wallingford

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Are you running Autism Friendly Trains this year?

We will not be running specific Autism Friendly trains this year. Guests with additional needs are welcome on any of our trains across the event.

The following information is to help you to decide whether the event is suitable for your family.

  • All guests park at the park and ride and take a bus to the station.
  • There are over 350 people per train. This makes the station, marquees and platform a busy and noisy place to be.
  • There are flashing lights and music while you wait for the train to arrive. This can take around 10 minutes once you are stood on the platform. The arrival of the train can be loud as it is a steam engine.
  • You are on board for around an hour. You do not get off until after the ride.
  • There is music, singing and dancing in the carriage. Everyone is excited so it is a loud environment.
  • Santa will visit you at your seats.
  • Seating arrangements have yet to be confirmed for the event. It is possible you will be sharing your ride with another family.

We have produced a Social Story for the event that can be found under the ‘Social Story’ FAQ.

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