The Experience - THE POLAR EXPRESS Train Ride Chosley and Wallingford

Tickets go on sale on 25th June!

The Experience

Do you believe? Here at Cholsey and Wallingford Railway, we certainly do. That is why we are thrilled to be hosting a dazzling theatre show on a train right here at the railway. This Christmas, THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride is coming to Cholsey and Wallingford Railway! Here we will use our Christmas magic to immerse your whole family in the 2004 classic Christmas film. You’ll be amazed as the movie comes to life before your very eyes.

Prepare for a thrilling seasonal adventure, filled with all the spectacle and beauty of Christmas with a healthy dose of magic along the way.

If you really listen hard, you can hear sleigh bells from far away, as you gaze at the stunning Christmas décor adorning the platform. Do you hear, from far away in the dark, that famous whistle? It’s the sound of THE POLAR EXPRESS™ steam train heading your way!


As the train arrives into the station, watch as the chefs say hello from inside the cosy carriages as the Conductor calls, “all aboard!”. The feeling of joy and wonder amongst the guests is wonderful. With the whole family snuggled up in warm pajamas, you’ll all board the most magical train ride of your life with our fantastic chefs showing you to your seats.

As the train begins to wind its way towards the North Pole, watch in astonishment as all of your favourite moments from the film are brought to life before your eyes. Our talented chefs will entertain you while serving the tastiest hot chocolate and delicious cookies. From the young to the young-at-heart, everyone is welcome to share their Christmas wishes with the movie’s well loved icons.

Hot Chocolate & Singing Chefs

As you hear the familiar drumroll that starts ‘Hot Chocolate’, you’ll see the chefs spring into dancing action as they sing and serve THE POLAR EXPRESS™ tasty hot chocolate. The delicious chocolatey richness will warm your stomach and keep you snug as we approach the North Pole. Then, belly full, turn your attention to the classic ‘The Polar Express’ by Chris Van Allsberg as it is read to you.

Chefs will hold the book up for all to see. You can join the fun – guests are able to bring their own copies and read along. As your family is drawn into the Christmas tale, you can’t help the smile that stretches across your face.

The North Pole draws nearer as the story comes alive around you – scenes unfold around you, drawing you closer into the story.

Santa at the North Pole

As we arrive at the North Pole, take a look out of the window for your first sight of Santa, standing with his majestic sleigh and the giant Christmas tree. The train will pull to a halt and you’ll wait with anticipation for Santa himself to arrive. Your eyes will be drawn to the entrance to your carriage as he arrives on board THE POLAR EXPRESS™.

Mr C will arrive amongst you with his elf helper, and will give the whole family their very own sleigh bell to ring out to celebrate the ‘first gift of Christmas’. Just make sure, like in the film, you check you’ve got no holes in your pockets!

As you chorus Christmas carols, led by our talented chefs, the train will begin to steam its way back to Cholsey and Wallingford Railway. When you get back there, your magical journey isn’t quite over. After the train ride, you can post your letters to Santa in case you’d forgotten before and do some THE POLAR EXPRESS™ themed colouring sheets. You’ll need to visit the scanner to see if you and your family have been naughty or nice this year, and browse the official Polar Express themed merchandise to take home as a souvenir.

We welcome our guests, no matter whether 0 or 110, to wear their pyjamas – like in the original film! The children will be thrilled to wear their pyjamas our, and with official Polar Express pyjamas available as well as matching sets which can be brought from shops, there’s plenty to choose from. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone – the majority of our passengers join in the fun, and it definitely helps the story to come alive on the train.

Eventually, like all magical adventures, it must come to an end – THE POLAR EXPRESS™ will steam you home. We hope that the wonder of the Christmas season is matched in your magical trip to the North Pole and back again, and that you’ll take your Belief in the Christmas spirit home and keep it til next year.

“Well – ya comin’?”

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